Painting and music workshops for children and young people with special abilities often are the only way they have to express themselves. When finishing the workshop, they feel more social, joyful and able to integrate a human group. They feel they are part of a group, and it has been proved that these practices concretely contribute to the process of educational and professional inclusion of these kids.

"Artistic education contributes to the development of the pupil's personality, at the sensitive and cognitive level, and has a very positive influence to its general behavior, at the academic and personal level, developing creative potential and strengthening the knowledge acquisition. It stimulates imagination, oral expression, manual ability, concentration, memory and the personal interest for others."

Art also helps strengthening one's self-awareness and own identity, gives children and teenagers instruments of communication and self-expression and finally contributes to creating quality audience and helping intercultural respect". (XXXth UNESCO General Conference)





This proposition was designed as a program of recreational vacations, but can be considered as a technical assistance prior to permanent programs of training in knowledge conciliatory modern development technologies.

The program counts with two elements:

Why learn educative robotics?

Encourage interest in mathematics, science and robotics.
Technologically alphabetize the student.
Stimulate the spirit of investigation.
Makes children not only consume technology, but also be protagonists of their development.
Helps pupils develop logic by programming new generation robots.

What will the participant learn during this class?

Concepts of sensors, actuators and automation.
Design and build robots.
Program robots using high level of programming languages.
Work as a team respecting others' ideas.
Give solutions to daily life's problems using technology as a central tool.
Make links between the concepts of science and environment, mathematics logic and robotics in the
construction of projects applied to real life.




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