LIMA NO ES MUDA is a multidisciplinary festival for independent art and alternative education which lasts three days and, since 2009, has been helping building bridges between the works of engaged artists, the information giving by the participating associations and the public's points of view.

The main purpose is to positively contribute to education and to the creation of an ecological and civil conscience that would help new generations to have a solidary and constructive attitude towards their environment by making them imagine new alternatives face to nowadays sociocultural problems.

From the beginning, LIMA NO ES MUDA has been established as an event that could easily take place in other places and cities, a particularity that we have had the opportunity to observe since 2009 with the celebration of similar events as well in Lima as in other regions of the country. We maintain that the Festival LIMA NO ES MUDA is pioneer in the city of Lima in the fields of environmental education through art and culture.








Friendly and cultural interaction between Peruvian and French children through audiovisual techniques and the Internet.

What do Peruvian children know about France? What do French children know about Peru? This project set up a friendly and cultural exchange between children from two faraway countries.


Promote and permit a mutual interaction between French and Peruvian children through audiovisual means.
Permit to know and value the culture of both countries.
Widen the cultural panorama of all participants so that each of them may maintain a friendship with
international penfriends.
Promote and reinforce the cultural identity of all participating children.

Participation was free and open to all children from 9 to 13, with parental authorization.

Organized by:
Validarte Cultural Association (Peru), UFCV (France), and the Casa de la Juventud de la Municipalidad
de Pueblo Libre.

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"Traversias Urbanas" (Urban journeys) is the name of a young's art exhibition showing photographs and poetries that reveal new ways of looking at the city of Lima. This artistic exhibition, organized by Validarte Cultural Association and the Municipality of Pueblo Libre freely convoked young photographers and poets who were enthusiastic about sharing their works with the public, making them the protagonists of an authentic travel throughout the gazes and interpretations on our huge city.

On Friday November 12th of 2013 was inaugurated the artistic exhibition with a poetry recital, opening then the exhibition which was held in the "Tren de la Historia" (History Train), a beautiful antique wagon situated in the monuments zone of Pueblo Libre.

Participating artists:
Andrea Gonzales, Dalia Espino, Eva Teresa Bless, Gabriela Rengifo, Martha Robles, Bruno Calmet, Danielcasave, Gregory Bardales, Joel Cuadros, Juan Sinfe, Leonardo Amaru, Manuel Arboccó, Mario Morquencho and Michael Jiménez.

The exhibition counted with the support of the Ministry of Culture and was opened to the public until November 27th. The entrance was free.

Thanks to everyone who got on board!

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"Te inquieto a ver" (I'm worrying you to see) could have been "I'm inviting you to see" but we maintain that observing is not only watching but also the first step to an analysis of reality.

To get the general interest of the public, "Te inquieto a ver" was constituted as an audiovisual and photography project that leaded to two pilot dates of free projections of movies, documentaries, art video, Peruvian poetry video projections and photography exhibition of local collectives as well as performance and acoustic music in the Human Establishment "7 de Junio" situated in the district of Pueblo Libre.


Invite and motivate observation practice.
Promote the debate and the variety of critical and analytical discourses face to the represented realities
and fictions.
Use and revaluate with art and culture the communitarian spaces of the Human establishment "7 de Junio" to make it available to the population.

Create a precedent of a joint working group constituted by cultural managers, artists and the Human
Establishment "7 de Junio".
Motivate new perceptions and concepts in respect to the artistic disciplines participating to the event: movies, video, photography, performance, music...

Participants :

LimaFotoLibre, FotoFluye, Los Improvisados, Supay Fotos, Carlos del Águila, Félix Méndez, Larimel, Dante Piñeiro, Alonso Barrios and many more artists.

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On August 29th, in the "Lumières" room of the Alianza Francesa de Lima, Validarte Cultural Association released the documental "Mírame, estoy aquí" (Look at me, I'm here).

After the projection, a debate took place between the audience and the directing team, during which were exposed the objectives and sights for the documentary, as well as the aspects of the realities that people with disabilities have to face and the possibilities of development that art and alternative education can bring to our country.

A great musical show leaded by the Young Disabled's Art Workshop and directed by the professor Néstor Vergara closed this great evening.

Title: “Mírame, Estoy Aquí”
Short film
Genre: Documentary fiction
Production: Validarte Cultural Association
Lima, Perú /Year : 2012


This is a short documentary movie which passes on a new way of looking at people with special abilities, showing diverse realities of people whom, besides the difficulties, have achieved to offer us their wonderful interior worlds thanks to alternative education, adapted sport, art and perseverance. Dramatizations and interviews with professionals, as well as the protagonists of the film, complete this beautiful short movie which is looking forward to changing mistaken perceptions that a lot of us have towards these courageous members of the society.

Objectives :

Sensitize the spectator to the reality of people with disabilities.
Suggest solutions and new ways to make these people's situation a little better.
Stimulate and propose debates around this subject.
Spread and project the documentary movie in school and medical institutions.

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"Las Cuestiones" (The Questions) is a Project presenting different forms of intervention in public spaces. The irruptions mentioned generally contain in their approach a series of explicit and direct questions.

The first level of this "sociological experiment" is the intrusion of space, furniture and urban public transports through stickers, which convert the question that appears on each of them into an invitation to reconsider the attitude that we, people of Lima, tend to adopt towards life.


Since we consider that individual questioning is necessary in all the environments, we believe that the construction of an identity in accordance to this age's needs come through a process of extinction of old paradigms.

We maintain that while we keep thinking, acting and teaching our children to think and act this way, we'll continue to wait only for public administration's leaders to solve our problems without having ever actually suggested real solutions and individual or collective development.

The objective of this first experiment is to make the spectators think on a way that would inherently be in any one of us of questioning or responding to an event, obligating us to actually think before every action we do.

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