On Friday November 9th of 2012, the Conference called "Cultural Management Network between Lima and Iquitos: Festival Yrapakatun" was held in the Casa de la Juventud in Pueblo Libre. It was organized by Validarte Cultural Association, with the support of the Municipality of Pueblo Libre.

The conference consisted in the following talks:

"Introduction to the Yrapakatun Project in Amazonia, and its proposal through Art during the years 2010,2011 and 2012"
Speaker: Pablo Taricuarima
Visual artist, cultural manager and producer, general coordinator of the Yrapakatun Project, President of the same name's association. He studied in the National School of Fine Arts of Peru. He took part in 42 artistic projects, from painting exhibitions to festivals in Peru and abroad.

"From Cultural Management to Artistic Creation"
Speaker: Lic. Teresa Arias Rojas
Teresa Arias Rojas did a degree in Art, a Master in Peruvian and Latin-American Art and has a Technical Certificate in Museology from the Major National University of San Marcos. She was coordinator of the contemporary art collection from the MNUSM Art Museum, an Art specialist for the Municipal Art Gallery Ignacio Merino, a Museologist for the Direction of Museums and Cultural Heritage Management for the National Institute of Culture and the Head of the Social and Cultural Protection for the National School of Fine Arts. She is actually working at the planning and cultural action of "Ruta 4" and on the organization of exhibitions in cultural centers and museums.

"The Yrapakatun Festival and its role in the recuperation and production of the Cocama Identity of the people of Santo Tomás"
Speaker: Lic. Paul Lavalle Vidal
Anthropologist specialized on Amazonian themes. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

When the talks were over, we projected a summary of the audiovisual registry of the Festival Yrapakatun of 2010, 2011 and 2012 and we delivered certificates of recognition to all the artists who participated to the last editions of the festival.


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On Wednesday June 6th 2012, Validarte Cultural Association took part in a conference on Cultural Management at the Faculty of Communication Sciences and Publicity at the Símon Bolívar Peruvian University.

The talk by Julio Guillén, President of our Association, was centered on the experience of the Association in terms of Cultural Management and Promotion. .

We want to thank the professor Martín Iturrizaga, teacher at the house of studies, for his invitation.

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PERICVLVM is an independent magazine born in 2008 from literary and philological interest edited in its physical form in Island and Spain and in its digital format on the internet.
This literary project has been growing since its beginning, following a participative method which makes its model of management one of its particularities since it's a project opened to the world. Also, the project has no commercial purpose, affirming itself to be a literary alternative to the actual art and culture commercial model.

Validarte Cultural Association and the Arkabas Cultural Center organized the presentation of PERICVLVM in Peru which took place on January 6th at the Arkabas Cultural Center and was under the responsibility of:

Eduardo Madrid Cobos
Writer and Poet. Has a degree in Slav Philology and a Technical Certificate in Hispanic Philology. Aircraft maintenance technician. Founder, editor and writer for PERICVLVM.

José Segovia Martín
Technical certificate in Hispanic Philology and Degree in Biology. Chemistry teacher. Founder, editor and writer for PERICVLVM.


Presentation of the PERICVLVM Project
Talks :
"The Problem of Literature as an Artistic Expression at the Fringes of the Powers that Could Direct It" (in Spanish medieval and Spanish contemporary literature).
Round and open table on alternative literature in Madrid (Spain) and Lima (Peru).
Distribution of copies of the PERICVLVM Magazine.
Vin d'honneur.

We want to thank José Segovia and Eduardo Madrid (Revista PERICVLVM) for their participation and for this new friendship in favour of culture as well as Daniel Zúñiga-Rivera and all of you who are part of the Arkabas Cultural Center for their openness and all the support during this presentation. And we also want to give a special thanks to all the assistants who made this event possible.


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